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People work out for a variety of reasons: it is not just for those who are overweight but also for those who want to tone their muscles. This can be achieved by jogging or running outside the house or by doing simple exercises at home or work.

Those who desire a good physique can sign up at a gym that has a fitness instructor who will be able to design a good individualized program that the person can follow. Those who achieve good results are happy when they see their reflection in a mirror or get compliments from friends and family members.

Somehow though, this is not enough. This is because there is someone out there who is all knowing and present at all time with a person, regardless of the time or place.

When people finally leave this earth, only then will this man appear to the individual. This person, who is called by many names in various religions, is God.

This person, God, was the creator of all living and non-living things: the giver of life to this planet and in the universe. The best way for people to give thanks to him is by doing good deeds that will please the almighty.

This can be done in many ways, both large and small. If there is a friend who smokes, drinks or is a drug addict, the individual can help by taking this person to a detoxification facility. The people who run the facility will do their best to help the patient rid himself of these vices.

If a member of the family is overweight or has suffered a stroke due to bad eating habits, everyone should help by encouraging that person to make dietary changes. Household members should eat the same food as the patient to show love and support.

In some religions, each person is considered to be a temple of God. In their actions toward others, individuals who have never seen the almighty will feel the strength and love sent from the one above. People do not have to do anything special to be appreciated by God. A simple gesture such as a smile can do a great deal for others. By showing some concern to those around, individuals have followed one of God's commandments: to love one another.


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