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Your Wedding Reception Party

Your wedding party reception should bring you a lot of happy memories when you look at your wedding pictures later on. Therefore you have to plan it that everything should look, feel and work out as you have perceived it to be.

As the wedding reception is basically a celebration after your wedding ceremony, keep in mind that above all, you ought to enjoy it and savor every moment of it.

Things to do before the wedding party:

1. Decide where to host the reception. Take into consideration the comfort of the place that will host your reception. When you want your wedding reception party to be held in a garden or outdoors, always consider these factors: wind, rain and humidity. Require the hotel to put up tents attractively decorated with flowers and lighting to solve the problems of rain as it also adds to the mood of the party.

2. Choose the decorations, most specially the flowers. Talk to the florist of your choice about what you want, where you want it, how you want it and what kind of atmosphere you wish to create in your wedding reception.

Make sure that aside from decorating the place, the florist must work together and coordinate with your food caterer so both can complement each other.

3. Choosing the caterer. Here again, make sure that you know what you want before selecting a caterer for your food.

To whatever decision that you will make, the caterer should understand all that you are envisioning in your wedding party reception. When he easily understands, it means that you both can work easily together, with peace!

4. Choose the wedding cake. When selecting a wedding cake, make certain that it goes with the motif of your wedding reception. Consider your color motif as well as the style of your wedding. Choose it well, as the cake often is the center of attraction of the reception, aside from you (the bride) of course.

5. Decide on the music. Select the style of music that best conforms to the style and again, the motif of your wedding reception.

Normally, it begins as a background, making the music slow and soft as the beat picks up encouraging everybody to dance after the meal.

Decreasing the music speed as well as slowing down the volume usually signals the conclusion of the celebration.

During the reception:

Just sit back, relax and enjoy your wedding party. Go dance, and have the best time ever with your husband and with your loved ones!


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