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Being Good With Magic

In medieval times, magic was associated with sorcery and witchcraft. People who possessed such a talent or gift were considered as heretics and were burned at the stake.

Years later, magic was given a new connotation. It provided people with a form of entertainment like making a plane disappear or cutting a person in half. These are all illusions from the simplest trick like making a coin disappear which just goes to show that the hand is quicker than the eye.

There have been a lot of talented magicians in this lifetime alone such as the likes of Harry Houdini who was an escape artist, David Copperfield who traveled around the world and amazed people with his large scale acts and lately David Blaine who is seen on television performing magic tricks that are seen by millions of viewers around the world.

What then makes a good magician is the one common question asked by several magician wannabe's. Is it talent, a gift or sheer luck?

Everyone has the potential of becoming a somebody in the future, even magicians. Here are some traits that one might need to possess to be successful in life even if in the end, one does not become a magician.

1. Patience. Nobody became a successful magician overnight. It takes time to learn a trick, to practice it and eventually be good at it.

2. Open mind


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