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Camping Accessories Should Always Include Essentials

For avid outdoor vacationers, stocking up on the best camping accessories is part of the fun. Although outdoorsmen have been around for many years, there is a renewed interest among the younger generation for extreme sports and activities, most of which involve nature and the outdoors. Part of a lot of extreme surfing, biking, skateboarding, or snowboarding trips involve camping out near the activity site. This trend has pushed the commercial innovation of camping accessories that real enthusiasts can buy.

However, one should not forget that all camping accessory sets should first have the most essential camping gear. This will ensure your safety and survival in your camp, especially in case of emergencies. First, you should group your camping accessories to main categories.

Shelter is the first category. This should always include a tent with poles, tent cover for rain, and ground cover or insulated waterproof pad. Always include a repair kit for the tent.

The next category is the Kitchen type accessories. Stock up on a stove gear, windscreen, fuel containers, matches or lighter, and of course a repair kit. Be sure to bring good cook gear like pots, pot holders or hangers, pot scrubber, cooking utensils.

The next are miscellaneous gear. Most important here is the First Aid kit and other survival accessories. You should always have a Compass and a Sewing kit with your personal clothes and accessories. Also, a Knife or multi-tool small saws and shovels. To be safe, have Insulating layers, long underwear, jackets, fleece sweater and pants, or a down vest or jacket. Include Wind and rain gear. Be sure to buy good insulating footwear for hiking and camping shoes. Buy good gloves, a sun hat or bandana. When near bodies of water bring your swimsuit.

Sleeping Gear is also an important category. A camper should always have a Sleeping bag and an inflatable foam pad. Other essential miscellaneous gears are flashlight and extra batteries and a pair of good sunglasses.

Always take care of your personal hygiene by bringing toothbrush, toilet paper, sunblock, and lip balm.

Finally there are your personal accessories such as a digital camera your fave book, mp3 player to keep you at bay.

Now since safety and survival are a very important part of camping, a lot of new accessories are being developed to tap the camping market. Foremost among the new survival camping accessories are signaling devices or equipment. The most obvious of these are cell phones. Other emergency accessories are GPS receivers, and radio transmitters.

Remember, as long as the basics don't get forgotten along the way, it is perfectly fine to be excited over your camping accessories shopping.


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