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Tips On Marine Boating

People should be aware of the dangers when riding on a boat. The weather may suddenly change and the adventure may turn into a nightmare. In order to prevent such things from happening, you must learn certain tips about marine boating.

Boat owners are required to register the vessel in order to navigate in the state's waters. There are several forms that need to be filled out from the Marine Bureau so that a sticker can be displayed on the bow of the boat.

Cellular phones are useful in the modern age. Nothing beats having a VHF radio on board since the coast guard monitors all the channels in case of an emergency and updates about the weather.

Buoy positions change from time to time. The sailor should update this often by plotting this on the chart which can be confirmed by using GPS or a sextet.

Everyone should always wear a life jacket when riding on the boat. This can save the person's life should the passenger suddenly go overboard. There should also be life saver to retrieve anyone who goes into the water.

Ships are similar to cars. This is because these vessels have to pass through certain waterways and at times travel in heavy fog. In order to prevent collisions, a sounding device such as a horn, bell of whistle should be installed.

Some vessels aren't able to sail close to shore because of shallow reefs. If the people on board want to go to shore, the boat owner must have an anchor and a line of sufficient weight to prevent this from drifting off to sea.

The boat may suddenly catch fire due to a short circuit. Fire extinguishers should be on board to prevent this from engulfing the entire ship.

Passengers shouldn't be allowed to sit on the bow of the ship. This is because the vessel may suddenly stop throwing the person overboard into the blades of the propeller causing serious injury or even death.

Most vessels have a spotlight on the bridge. This should only be used for quick spotting and not as a headlight since this could blind someone in another boat.

Alcohol shouldn't be brought aboard or consumed on the boat. The number of accidents and fatalities are just as severe as those when driving on the road.

Hanging out with friends or family on a boat can be fun. You should follow these marine boating tips so that everyone can have a safe journey back to shore.


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