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Church Fund Raising Ideas

Church organizations that aim to help people in their communities need more than faith. Here are some church fund raising ideas:

1. The most popular church fund raising idea is selling products that include books about faith, inspiration, etc.

2. Raise funds through order forms and order takers. This fund raising idea is designed for small churches that don't have money up front to pay for products. This works by ordering a brochure from a fund raising company and distributing fundraising forms to each member of the church organization. Each group member needs to collect orders from their supporters together with their payments. After all orders and payments are taken, they will be sent to a fundraising company that will send the orders. The good thing about this type of fundraising is there are no risks involved. Products are already paid for even before they are shipped. However, this process may take some time and needs careful planning.

3. Other churches sell cookie dough to raise funds. This is becoming popular for church groups all over the country. This is a good fundraising activity that earns the church at least 55% profit.

4. One of the proven techniques in church fund raising is selling candles. Studies show that a typical household purchases at least 40 candles every year. Churches are known for selling candles that have verses to inspire people.

5. Church organizations can also hold auctions featuring religious paintings, sculpture, etc.

6. It is also a good idea to solicit clothes, shoes, or other household items from the members of the church and hold a garage sale. This fundraising activity doesn't need money upfront but will surely earn a good profit.

7. For church medical missions, soliciting money from well-off families in the area is a great idea. Also, requesting help from local doctors and nurses can greatly affect the budget because they usually offer their services for free.

8. Selling tickets and raffle promos are fund raising ideas that are proven to work. Many people are very open to the idea of giving money to help others and getting chances of taking home great prizes.

There are several ways for churches to raise funds in order to help their communities. By doing this, they don't only help people who are in need but they also allow their people to participate in helping out others.


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