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Get Real Estate Leads By Sending Fax Messages

Dan, a realtor, had a handful of clients in the community. However, he needed to get hold of his clients' attention so they would contact him again when they or someone they know, are planning to buy or sell their homes or similar properties.

While they live in the same community, Dan is not really too friendly with his clients. Well, he says hi to them once in a while when he sees them along the shops but not really that close for him to have a reason to call them in their homes. It would be awkward to just call and ask them for real estate information.

Just like Dan, most realtors have a problem getting in touch with former or possible clients. Of course, there are various ways of making them aware of your existence but you need to be more personalized. The various technological advancements available in the market today have made people forget the personalized touch offered by a phone call. And if a phone call is not practical, then there is no better and a more personal touch than by sending facsimiles.

A facsimile machine, better known as fax machine, is equipment that converts signals for transmission using telecommunication lines and is received and converted on the other end as hard copy. To make it simple, a fax machine operates just like a photocopier machine, with the original left to the sender, while an exact copy (depending on the clarity of the machine and the documents faxed) reaches the receiver.

If calling past or possible clients makes you uncomfortable, then try sending them a fax message. You can actually start a real estate lead campaign by sending a ready made letter to members of your community. Your letter can contain a standardized greeting but you can change some of its contents depending on how familiar you are with the person you are sending the fax to.

Always be on the lookout for announcements in community newspapers. Almost everyday, there are announcements as to who won an award, who got promoted or who is getting married. Just about anything can be your passport to sending them a fax message. Congratulate a past client for getting the promotion or just say hi and thank them for doing business with you. In all your fax messages, indicate a standard calling card data with your name, business address and even the services you offer.


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